Share extension has trouble with urls containing #

When saving in Safari URLs with the “#” characater via the share extension as a webarchive to DTTG, the URL gets modified. DTTG then cannot download URL and the created webarchive does not contain the page content. :frowning:

Here an example: The URL arrives in DTTG as and the webarchives just shows just the messaeg “not found”.

Looks like an encoding issue, right? Maybe GitHub could be more forgiving here, but it would be great if DTTG didn’t modify the URL in the first place.

BTW, on the Mac in DTP it all works fine.

Thank you for notifying us. This is already fixed for the upcoming version 2.5.1.

Thanks Eric. looking forward to the fix. :slight_smile:

I can confirm it works in the newest DTTG build.

Thanks for the always prompt fixes!