Share item link (UUID) with item name to other apps

I have many medical journals indeed in DTPro/DTTG that I set reminders to read using Reminders/Things. I was hoping it would be possible to have a function/shortcut via the share sheet that would share the DTTG item name and item link to a todo app in as few steps as possible.

Before the following are brought up as work arounds, I am aware of:

  1. omnifocus’s shortcut, but the app is too clunky for regular use
  2. DTPro’s AppleScript (awesome when on desktop)
  3. Copying the item name, pasting into Things, copying the item link, pasting it into Things, and repeat. Sounds simple, but not feasible when tracking multiple journal articles

Things assumes you are sharing the pdf, and “hides” from the share sheet. To overcome this, I would point towards KeepIt’s elegant way of sharing the name and item link if looking for an example of the function, even for pdf files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Sharing links puts the URL “into the share” both as URL object and a text as there are apps out there that accept one, some accept the other. Contrary to the Mac, URLs cannot bring their own title with them on iOS. They are just that: a URL.

We could make the text two lines but that, on the other hand, would make it harder of other apps to use the supplied URL without first extracting the correct line.

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You’ve answered exactly the same question I had before, when I noticed the UUID was removed in a previous version :grinning:

The share sheet appears to be prepopulated with several items like ‘Copy Item Link’ and ‘Add to OmniFocus’, which are programmed share items if I understood you correctly (the OmniFocus option uses the OmniFocus URL scheme if I’m not mistaken).

But installed Apps that are added to the share sheet or shared Shortcuts are provided with either an object or text based on your decision as a developer, correct?

Wouldn’t it be possible to bring back the UUID and use a shortcut to parse the output and provide a subsequent app with the correct information using the shortcut?

We are adding both, actually, and the receiving app picks what it deems most appropriate. So it’s fully up to the receiving party to make the most out of it.

Thank you for the response.
Would it be possible to provide a “share link” option so that the receiving apps have no choice but to get text? Ideally with the file name prepended. Speaking for myself, having these two bits of info on either the same line, next line, or “markdown link” format would be a blessing.

Being that Devonthink is devised as a repository where most of our work is done, I figure it is more appropriate to have other apps work with materials from within DTTG (speaking conceptually, I know that the coding aspects are much more complex)

Thank you again for looking into this, I love DT Pro/DTTG and would be thrilled to have this functionality

Have you spoken to the developers of the other apps to request they process DEVONthink To Go’s shared data better?

We wouldn’t want to add another Share button and, currently, it’s not possible to add a button to the default share sheet that would allow changing what’s shared (like you can do in the Photos app).

This is, actually, what the Files app integration was intended for.

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No, I haven’t.
I started drafting emails to the Reminders team, the Todoist team, Things team, TickTick team, Craft team, Fantastical team, Notes team, Yoink team, Drafts team, and Agenda team, at which pointing figured it would be best to bring it up to the source of the link.

I would really encourage you to look at Keepit… the developer there has a toggle in the settings menu labeled “Share link instead of file” which has worked flawlessly. Is a shame that the app doesn’t have the same level of AI smarts that DTpro has, but it sure handles the sharing of text really well

I’ve created a Shortcut, enabled the share sheet, and let it accept any input. I then added just the Content Graph action and from DTTG shared an item with Shortcuts.

It might be me, but in previous versions I could find a URL in the shared data, but I can’t find any URL in DTTG version 3.3.

Are you sure you’re adding the URL in either or both forms?

That’s an interesting idea. Noted!

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Thank you very, very much for implementing this feature. I really appreciate your taking it into consideration. I hope it may also help others as much as it helps me.
Take care,

The iOS and MacOS app „Cubox“ does the sharing also very helpful. Maybe you can use their approach for your ideas on this topic.

„Cubox“ is a read-it-later app with highlighting and note-taking functionality. And with a wide rage of sharing/export possibilities. Meanwhile the app has english language implemented, while the english translation of support website will follow in this quarter of the year.