Share menu and safari

A big part of my work flow with DT2 is sharing pages out of safari into DT. Never been any issues.

With DT3 now that I have upgraded I am seeing the following:

  • the page is not always imported
  • it is never (one exception so far) imported if I use the PDF options
  • it will usually import if web archive is chosen but not always to where I tell it to go.


Why are you using the Share menu instead of the browser extension (see Safari’s Preferences > Extensions) ?

Over here, the DEVONthink 3 Share Menu extension, the DEVONthink extension in the Safari toolbar, and the DEVONthink Sorter when shown as menubar extra all open the same thing: Sorter. Some apps (e.g., Agenda) support the DEVONthink share extension, and it is, again, Sorter that opens when the DEVONthink share extension is clicked.

So “why” doesn’t matter. There are three valid ways to access sorter, and “Share” is one of them. I assume this is the result of conscious programming decisions and not random happenstance.

Because when I was working with the beta the DT2 and 3 extensions were in conflict so I pulled both of them.

That said I have had similar problems with the DT3 extension as well since upgrading.

What exactly do you share in which app?