Share Sheet Not Working

Not sure if it’s just me, but I get the same results with DTG on iPhone and iPad running the lastest version that just came out today (and I was having same problem in previous version). When I click the share button and try to save to Dropbox or PDF Expert it just saves two text files one that contains the url link to the file and a second with the title of the document. The behavior is the same with a markdown file, pdf, png, etc. also when trying to print a pdf or png from DTG, the print screen never opens, but printing seems to work fine on markdown files. All the files I am doin this on are fully downloaded and fully viewable. Any ideas?

We changed just a minor detail with the share sheet, one related to the popover around it, not the actual data preparation. And I just tested it here with PDFs and all worked just as expected.

The whole mechanism for sharing items between apps is a huge black box controlled by iOS so hard to tell what’s happening there for you.

What happens when you share, say, a PDF to Mail? And have you tried to simply restart your device and try again?

I just force restarted my ipad and iPhone. I tried sharing a pdf to mail on both devices. In both cases I tried different pdfs located in different directories, but in both cases the result was identical. Instead of getting the pdf attached to the email (as I tested and is working fine in other apps . . . I tested pdf expert), DTG creates an email without a subject but with the following text contained in the email body:
(The x’s in the email contain the actual file name and link location)

Thank you for your help.

In DEVONthink ToGo Settings (top menu page), check that “Share and Integration” settings is for “File”, not “Link”. I suspect you have “Link” selected.

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Bingo! Thank you for that. I forgot about that setting. I turned it on so I could easily create task links in my todo app. Wish there were someway I could do both/have a choice. I hate to give up one for the other or have to go in and change that setting.

It is odd (but I guess it makes sense) that that setting also disables the ability to print.


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Glad you figured it out … that being said, I have that setting as “File” and print from m iPhone to a Brother Laser works fine. Something else in play, I am pretty sure about.

What I meant is that when you have it set to “link”, I cannot print non-text based documents (e.g. pdfs).

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Confirmed here. Filing an issue on it. Thanks!

That is correct. When you set it to link, only a URL is sent to the Share sheet. We’d need to test if we can give it something to print but keep it from using that data to finally share a file again. What options are available and what arrives in other apps is quite fiddly.

Addendum: As soon as we add a printable object to make the Print option work, apps like Mail oder Message pick it up, too, and use both, the URL and, e.g., the PDF. Which is probably not what the option to only share links is supposed to do.

Addendum 2: The next version of DEVONthink To Go will have a separate, non-Share-menu-related Print… command available from the Action menu of a displayed document.

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Great news with regards to “Addendum 2”. Thanks!

Another option, I would suggest, is a DTG share menu before the system share menu. Several other document apps (one’s I use are Goodreader and PDF Expert), first take you to their own share menu that gives you option before the system menu. That way one could choose in the moment want they want to “share” (e.g. file, link, markdown, etc.).

We intentionally didn’t opt for this as this only makes sense when we’d provide a full range of options here ourselves (a.k.a. “Reinventing the wheel. Again.”). Instead, we chose to support the Share menu as Apple envisioned it but with some struggles around the rough edges that are still there after almost 18 years.

Unfortunately, the Share menu actually does offer a way to choose what to share but Apple has not exposed this functionality to us lowlings.


I understand . . . but it was work asking about :grin:

It’s always worth asking and we always listen.