Share your DTTG iOS shortcuts?

Hi all

just started using DTTG and shortcuts and love it!

I wonder if the great community here would find it valuable to share their DTTG iOS shortcuts here? would be really cool to learn and see how people use shortcuts in conjunction with DTTG!

thx a lot


I have a few. My most used one is written up here, as it’s somewhat complicated:

I have been using DT/DTTG as a task manager lately, too. A Drafts action allows me to quickly add new tasks to my inbox. It passes a draft to this Shortcut, which splits text into new tasks and any notes added to the task and adds each as a new task-labelled item with some default formatting.

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I wrote about / shared some on Twitter:

thx both @FlohGro and @ryanjamurphy

these are both super useful and helpful!

any other suggestions would be great, if @BLUEFROG thinks it’s a good idea, i compile it and put it in a wiki or other documents



We’d love to host links to the shortcuts (as they need to reside on Apple’s server anyway, as far as I understood how it works) somewhere on our website, linked from the Download and FAQ pages.