Sharing a database on the web


I recently found that DevonThink Office alouds sharing a database on the web. What I really want is to be able to access to my own databases (at home, on my Mac), from a PC computer at work. For that I would require some synchronization capability (the sort of thing Evernote does, at least from a web interface). Right now I was able to see my own database from a web browser, at home. Once I closed DTP, I wasn’t able to access my database anymore. I asume that it’s only visible when I have it opened. Right now, while my home computer is off, I’ve tried to see my database from my work, but the http address is unaccesible.

Is it possible to see, and edit my own databases from another computer, on the web, even though the computer where the database is stored is turned off?

If so, what steps should I follow in order to achieve it?

Thank you.

We are working on a module that will allow this. No schedule given yet, though.