Sharing from Scanner Pro does not work

Sharing from Readdle’s Scanner Pro to DT, from the iPhone, does no longer work for me.

DT2GO opens but the file (pdf) does not appear in the Global Inbox. No error message.

Anyone else using Scanner Pro, who could help confirming this?

Edit: When there is some text in the clip board, instead of sharing the file from Scanner Pro, the clipboard is pasted in the Global Inbox. So there is something strange going on.

I am using iOS 17.0 (I understand a 17.01 is released but not yet to me) with DEVONthink ToGO 3.7.5 and Scanner Pro on an iPhone 14+.

Sharing from Scanner Pro to Apple Mail works as expected. The document appears as an attachment in a draft Mail item.

Sharing from Scanner Pro to the DEVONthink ToGO icon makes DEVONthink ToGo show (or be launched if not working) with no apparent transfer of the file. Just into a view used previously. Far as I can tell, the document not transferred.

I’ll try again with iOS 17.01 once available to me.

Thanks for the super quick reply. Same here, sharing to Email works, and is my workaround.

Or, save to DEVONthink ToGO via Files. To be honest I use this method most the time so I don’t know when issue started with going direct to DEVONthink ToGo.

Scanner Pro has also “workflows” that work nicely, with options to save to a folder, dropbox, evernote etc but unfortunately not DT. I use the workflows when I scan receipts for tax purposes. The SP workflow creates then the desired file name.

For anyone looking for an iPhone scanner app, I find Scanner Pro by Readdle to work really well.

I guess the pasting of text from the clipboard, instead of importing the file, is a hint what is going wrong. Maybe something for Readdle to address.

These workflows were too complicated and too automated for me. For a long time I simply share to the Files app and then navigate to where in DEVONthink ToGo I want the file to go. Pretty simple and allows the variability of target location that always seems to happen.

With the Scanner Pro workflows, there is a two click process to scan a document and get it into Devonthink. In the Scanner Pro app I use the following workflow:


which names the scan and uploads it to a Dropbox folder. On that folder I have a script from DT to import the file, ocr it and delete it in the Dropbox location.

So, the issue with the sharing option not working, isn’t a problem really but maybe Jim & Co would be happy to have the sharing menu to work properly.

If you pick the ‘More apps’ option in Scanner Pro’s share pane, you will get the standard iOS share pane. Pick DTTG from there and it works normally. It will not automatically open DTTG after sharing, but the PDF is there.

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You are right, that works, but the DT app already appears in the main sharing menu, and one tends to click on their first. It opens DTTG but the file is not transfered. Having text in the clipboard, the text in put in the Global Inbox. That appears to be a undesired function, probably :slight_smile: