Sharing to Apple Reminders

When I share an item/doc in DT to Apple Reminders, the item link is added. When I share it in DTTG, a file link (file:///private/var/mobile/Containers/…) is added instead. But, the file link cannot be opened.

How can I get an item link like in DT share?

I’m not seeing a share option for DTTG > Reminders

Go to the far right end. Click on the More (3 dots). Select Reminders from the list.

You can get the same result as DT in DTTG but you have to use the iOS Shortcut and extract the link and format it within the shortcut
I have a complicated shortcut that creates a group structure in DTTG and then links the main doc in the group to a reminder. It matches a script I have that does the exact same thing in DT.

Can you please share the iOS shortcut?

This thread has the link to the shortcut and some explanation of what I was aiming for.

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Still not an option for me

Would this be sharing selected text in a note
instead of sharing a note?

What have you selected in Settings > Share & Integrations > Share?

Thanks, mystery solved
My selection was File
Selecting Link gives me the option to share to Reminders

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My selection is Settings > Share & Integrations > Share > File. The sharing to Reminders is there.

By selecting Link, does it share the item link to Reminders? I tried to change to Link, it still didn’t share the item link. Not even the file link.

I’ve just tested it for fun (I’ve never used it) and in iPadOS it’s only sharing the file title, not a link to the item or anything to indicate that the task has come from DT.

I can see a grim workaround but it would be better if it worked. In the meantime, I have a “copy item link” option on my share sheet. If I click that first, I get a message saying the item link is copied. Then if I click the share sheet again and click Reminders, I can now paste the item link in the Notes before clicking “Add”. It only adds an extra few seconds to the process, but you’d need to remember to grab the link first.

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Thanks. That’s a good workaround for the time being.

@BLUEFROG @eboehnisch could you guys consider this item link feature in future updates?

It’s unclear if it’s the data we’re sending or the handling of it by Reminders. We will look at it as time allows.