Sharing to DTTG freezes for a few seconds

Whenever I share something (could be a screen capture image, pdf, etc) to DTTG, it freezes for a few seconds. Actually, it is more than a few seconds. Typically more than 10 seconds, could be as long as 20 seconds.

I am using DTTG 3.6.4 (17291) and iOS 16.2.

I just want to update that after I upgraded to iOS 16.3.1. The freezed problem is gone.


Thanks for the update!

Just out of curiosity: When did it freeze for a few seconds: when opening the Share menu in, e.g., Safari or after dismissing the Clip to DEVONthink panel of the Share menu (means: when the file is actually sent to the database)?

For example, select a picture/image from Photo. Select Share, Select DTTG. Then it freeze for 10-20 seconds before DTTG open up.

Works ok here. DTTG 3.6.3, iOS 16.2, iPhone 14 Pro

I am using iPhone Xs Max.

Is Photos downloading images before importing?

This sounds like an iOS issue related to either memory or DEVONthink To Go’s data store being busy at the moment Clip to DEVONthink is summoned.

This is happening to me fairly regularly as well.

DDTG 3.6.4
ios 16.3.1

I clip mostly bookmarks on my phone.

Has been happening on and off through the last couple of updates.

I do think so. After my update iOS 16.3.1, I still get occasional freezes. Very much less now. Maybe iOS 16.3.1 has better memory management.

When it freezes, I quit DTTG by closing it (switch to it, swipe it up), the Share will open up DTTG immediately. It seems that DTTG was busy at the moment the Clip/Share happened.

No, it is a local images/screen capture in the phone.

With version 3.6.3 we modernized the way Clip to DEVONthink sends data to DEVONthink To Go. Before, it saved temporary files that were then picked up by the main app when you opened it. This sometimes caused data loss when the temporary file was, for whatever reasons, gone or otherwise unreadable. Now, the extension directly accesses the same data store as the main app which could, so it seems, block out the extension.

We’ll have a look what can be done.