Sheet and wiki

Sheets are very handy but it is not wiki friendly, will it be in the future ?

At the moment I use Numbers import the sheet in DT then I copy it into a RTF doc and I get a sheet with wiki (but not flexible as I cannot add any rows or columns to the RTF doc I have to go back to the Numbers doc and re-import again if I make modifications in the sheet)

Do you think I could ameliorate the above process?
I tried Page and Mellel and imported the doc but the issue remains the same

I would like to use new sheet in DT directly and proceed from there with wiki, that would save time.

Thank you

You can insert tables in RTF files. Format > Table…

Also, this may be of interest to you…

  • Right-click in the RTF file and choose Insert Link To
  • Command-Option drag a file from your database into the RTF file.
    You can also do this with external files (ie. outside your database) but they will open in the system default application, not DEVONthink, even if it’s a format DEVONthink would open internally.
  • Select a word (or words) and right-click. You have Link To options again.
    Also Add Link, generally useful for web URLs (or DEVONthink links, if you copied one).
    And you have Make Link, which creates a WikiLink that creates a new RTF file when you click on it.
  • Lastly, don’t forget there are WikiLink options in Preferences > Editing

WOW …I knew all this and missed it …unbelievable !
Thank you very much, i have solved all my issues …

I have been using DT and DA, for 15 years i think, and I keep learning all the time …
Being able to use both applications in conjunction has most certainly no equivalent on the market !

My pleasure. Yes, sometimes we learn things and sometimes we are reminded of things we know. Cheers!

Extremely interesting read! Thanks for this.
I just happened to be in course of finding all this and delving through to find how this all works.

I set out mainly to see what is possible with PDF and linking.

One blaring question though:

Select a word (or words) and right-click. You have Link To options again.
Specifically this method proves to be unworkable to me, as you end up with a scrollable list that shows each and every pickable item of your database…

Isn’t there a way to have this list kind of auto-collapse, so that you would recognise where you are, and navigate through to where you want to link to??


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