Sheet - Unique link in DT

I would like to copy the link of an item in a sheet with the name of the original not in the form of x-devonthink-item://xxxxxxxx is that possible. Can I rename the link?

Can you clarify what you’re referring to, with a screen capture if possible?

The request is to have devonthink-item://xxxxxxxx links display the document name rather than the full link. Failing that, how can a user rename the display name in DEVONthink?

Some apps do allow links to be customized, as is the case in

Right but in the context of a sheet, it’s less clear.

  • A column with a URL data type supports pasting in the item link but that is not going to resolve to the document’s name (logically so, since it’s an active hyperlink in plain text format).
  • A column with an Item Link data type would show the selected item’s name.

These are both linked to the same file…

Got it, I didn’t notice the Sheet criterion in the original post.

Yes it is in the context of a sheet. I am using DT in conjunction with omnioutliner for example and as you mentioned ref some applications when you copy the link in omnioutliner it shows up the name of the original document, can’t do it with a sheet, not a big deal …