Sheets and collecting notes in a field

I can’t find a way to enter an end to a row.
Like I just did in this text. In other occasions with plain text that i is not a problem. And one can easily make the text at least reasonable to read. But in the sheets I can’t do that.

Like in a Comment field. I will surely comment on a certain thing several times. For instance started with a date and time stamp and ended with a couple of

But how? I can’t imagine that it is impossible? If so, this is also a request…


Just press Option-Enter to enter a line break in sheets/forms.

yes of course. Thanks

And no ideas regarding Links inside a sheet?


That’s not yet possible - you can link to sheets/form but not yet vice versa.

Sorry to do this to you, but you used the word “yet” in that sentence. In fact, you used it twice. Is there a reason for that? Or just an unfortunate coincidence?

The reason is that it will be hopefully possible in the future :wink:

Hopefully possible is great. I won’t hold my breath, but will maintain hopeful optimism!