Sheets - multiple line per field view ?

Hi, I would like to collect data about my clients, e.g., what kind of problems they have, what learning style, when they came, etc. Working with sheets sounds very useful for that.

Only problem is that I could not figure out how to make the Record show more than two lines of a certain field.

It is useful not to show all lines for showing more fields but awkward having to “cursor” up and down in order to read the information. Two lines are just not enough to get an overview of what is in there

Is there a way to set how many lines DT Pro shows per field ?

Thank you. Daniel :slight_smile:

10.4.3 - DT Pro (1.0.2)

In the sheet view, all the lines of my records are visible (I have up to 5 lines).
I created the records either by copying-and-pasting some text in another document, or by hand, using opt-return to create new lines.

Does your question, and my remark mean that there is a possibility to collapse/expand the view of the fields?

Can anyone help us?



Hi, I think my post was maybe not clear enough. Here a clarification:

Let’s say I have a record in a sheet including the field: Observations.

Now, I would like to add 10 lines of information. In the view I see, DT Pro shows only the first 2 lines. If I want to see more, I need to go inside the field and use the arrow keys to see more (but I can see max 2 lines at a time). Not very convenient to get an overview what is in the field.

Also, expanding and collapsing would not help so much, if that needs to be done each time I open a record.

I would prefer to be able to choose how many lines I see of a certain field (e.g., 6) and scroll arrow might be useful.

Thanks for any advice. Daniel.

DT Pro automatically sizes the height of sheet rows depending on the number of lines per cell but this requires Tiger. The height is also updated after modifying a cell. And v1.1. will also automatically adapt the height of fields in record/form views.