Sheets - Wrapping text, moving columns, and disappearing rows

From older posts it seems that text wrapping in sheet cells isn’t possible, but double-checking it’s not something that was updated in a later version — dont see any setting for that though.

Also, often I add multiple empty rows so I can just jump to the next one, but I find that they disappear, esp. when I go back and forth between the different table views. (but also I think they disappeared when I edited columns and went back to my table and they were gone)… then I have add them all over again. Is this the intended behavior?

Is there a way to automatically add a blank row when at the end of the table? Hitting return takes me back to the top of the table.

Also, my columns often move around when I drag them to position, but when moved within the column editor, they seem to stay put. However, the width of the columns seem to have a mind of their own after my adjustments.



Saving doesn’t preserve empty rows.

The next release will fix this and pressing return will append a row again.

thanks… any idea about wrapping text? not possible? will it be one day possible? it’s just hard to read unless i switch views.

It’s not yet possible but planned for future releases. In the meantime a good alternative is IMHO to use the form view instead of the table view for sheets.

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I’m having same buggy problems with sheets. Will try the form view but table view is pretty much unusable and broken. Hope to see a fix soon.

As Dr. Sagen famously said something like–extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I am sure others, esp. DEVON Technologies people, would like to have some specifics about the problems–what you see vs. what you expect), screen shots, etc.

I made a new sheet to test the new 3.8 version. Everything romebot said above describes my experience, including columns and records disappearing just as I enter them, plus empty rows also disappear. This is all in Table View … haven’t tested Form View much but may be more stable. I was entering rich text and plain text set values.

A screen recording would be great, thanks.