shift-cmd-K first, or shift-cmd-Y first?

[size=150]1.) [/size]I used to do Y first, then K.
Recently I’ve been doing K first then Y.


[size=150]2.) [/size] With 1.9.3, I used these as almost a ‘Save’, (quite often.) With Pro, it’s doing more work and takes longer. Is there a disadvantage in using these too often?

I like to do Verify & Repair first. Although DT Pro has some safeguards to keep it from backing up a bad database, I like the assurance of Verify & Repair. :slight_smile:

The biggest disadvantage is the time it takes – usually less than a minute for both on a 2 GHz machine. I usually don’t run these tools unless I’ve been running the db pretty hard, have added a fair amount of new content or have been doing some edit and writing that represents an investment of more time than I want to lose.