Shopping Cart problem: around and around

(Already searched for “shopping cart” on this forum: nothing found, so this topic.)

Trying to buy upgrade DT2 to DT3. Sign in to my account. Select upgrade license. And then, shopping cart just goes around and around with no results. Using Safari. What to do?

I don’t want to spend time analyzing the problem. Just want to pay for the upgrade and get on with life. Is there another way to pay?

Thank you.

I would suggest trying again in awhile to see if there’s just network congestion or variability at play.

Indeed I waited “awhile” and tried again: Same problem. In the past two days I’ve tried again about 20 times. Right now I am trying from a computer in Frankfurt not so far away. No other websites show this problem. Next suggestion? Is there another way to pay??

Not a solution - but it might be worth trying in a different browser, if you have one available

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Thank you, @Thatguy … it did work with the fourth browser I tried.
Problem solved.

As a FYI for anyone else that may have this problem in the future, I’ve found that shopping carts often have problems with content blockers. It’s worth a try to turn content blockers off if you encounter a cart that won’t behave properly.

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