Short cut for Scanning / Script for scanning


I have a bunch of documents to scan and wanted to automate my workflow.

I am looking for a way to do the following actions via a script or stack multiple short cuts together (via Elgato Stream Deck):

  1. Select Import View - DONE via OPTION+CMD+3
  2. Select Device “Scanner (Network)”
  3. Click “Scan” Button

I searched the forum and also googled it but did not find any solution.
So looking for help here in the official forum :slight_smile:

Welcome @StarSprangled

Do you have a scanner with or without a document feeder?

As an FYI: Automation the pushing of buttons is rarely a good approach.

thanks for the swift reply.

One without document feeder. So just a plain old top loader scanner

Yeah I know, but I scan a few dozen pages a day in home office and DT runs always in the background on one of my monitors.

So after I changed the document in the scanner, I just like to run a script via Ray.Cast or just push a button on my Stream Deck instead of bringing DT to the foreground and navigating to the “Scan” Button with the mouse :wink:

Why don’t you just us the scanning software that came with the scanner, and output it to a specific folder in the Finder. You could then index the folder, and use a smart rule to process the scans, as described in our recent blog post…