Short review about two pdf splitting apps

Hi there,

I just want to give you all a short review about two small apps which one can use to split pdfs. Yesterday I wanted to split some pdfs, but found no way to do this with DTPO (boys, this would be a nice feature for the DTPO 2.0 app, for the total pdf handling including splitting, combining and some of these SKIM features, then we won´t need any other app …)

However, I have two interesting pdf-apps for this: PDFcombine and PDFLab.

First I tried PDFCombine, which is nice inasmuch you just drag the pdf in the main field, then every page is displayed and (which could be important) you can open every page to look its content.

PDFLab is not able to do this (although you also just drag the pdf in the main field, which is as easy as in PDFCombine).

The main problem with PDFCombine is: The newly created pdf is not searchable (what I noticed afterwards), although the pdf was searchable before. That means OCRing and huge pdfs.

The main advantage of PDFLab is: The pdf stays searchable.
Otherwise: One cannot open several pages, to look for the content.
And: I had problems with the title I wanted to save as. I just wanted to name it with the title of the (scientific) paper, I copy it and wanted to paste it, but this does not work. (I did this later then in DTPO).

So, both are not perfect, but: that pdfs stays searchable with PDFLab seems to me the most important point, despite the inconvenience with the naming.

Perhaps, the DT-boys will take the best of both worlds and make us happy :wink:

(hope my English is not too bad)