Shortcut action: How is "update object" supposed to work?

I’m on iPadOS 15 with DTTG 3.2. Trying to find my way around shortcut actions, I’m wondering how “update object” is supposed to work.
Here’s what I’m (trying to) do (see below for a screenshot of the shortcut):

  • find a record by name in the global inbox (there’s only one name with this name)
  • take the first element of the list of found records (i.e. this single markdown record)
  • get the content from this record “as a file” (why “as a file” – I’d actually love to get the content of the record as text)
  • get the text from the “file”
  • change this text by prepending [[TOC]] to it.
  • save this changed text in a file
  • update the original DT object fro this file.

It is the last action that triggers an error, saying basically “something went wrong updating the object”. So it may be that what I’m trying to achieve is simply not (yet?) possible. Or that I’m doing something stupid here. Any ideas on that?

Can you post a link to the shortcut? Thanks!


Short update here.

To recap: I wanted to update a MD record in DTTG using a shortcut. This is_easy_ if one chooses the action “update object” with “Markdown content”. Which was not obvious to be even possible given the description of this action (“Update object from file”).

I suggest to overhaul the online documentation of the DTTG shortcuts a bit to make it clearer, which possibilities one has (or has not).

Noted. Thanks.