Shortcut Comman-Shift-9 disappeared from Services menu

I just realized that the shortcut Comman-Shift-9 to capture a RTF note from any application disappeared from Services menu, altough is is still working: (sorry: Screenshot is from german version)

Any ideas? I used it since version 1.0 of DTP. Now I´m using 1.0.2 and realizted the shortcut is not listeted any longer in Services menu.[/img]


Have you logged out/logged in since installing the update of DT Pro? Doing tht or rebooting may restore the shortcut.

Another application may have ‘captured’ the shortcut. Have you installed another application recently, or perhaps run DEVONthink personal?

Hmmm, I think I did run DT Personal some weeks ago to check out the features. But I did already relogin and even restart the machine many times. The funny thing is that the shortcut still works but is just not listed in the menu…

I just realized that that the menu has also vanished on my freshly installed iBook where I have never used DT Personal, so maybe this is an issue that appears on Mac OS X 10.4.3 when used in German…

The menu is actually correct and Command-Shift-9 is just Command-) using a German keyboard. It has been always the shortcut of “Neues RTF-Memo” (Take Rich Note) but never of “RTF-Memo anfügen” (Append Rich Note).

What´s the difference between “Neues RTF-Memo” (Take Rich Note) and “RTF-Memo anfügen” (Append Rich Note)? It does exactly the same when applied to a selection: it stores a RTF document with the selection into DTP…

The first usage is identical but if you’ve already taken a note, then “Append rich note” appends it to the last one.