Shortcut for bulleted outline in .rtf

Is there a quick way to start a bulleted list when in a rich text document? The menu item to create a list always sends you to a secondary menu where you have to select a bullet style - which means I can’t just assign a keyboard shortcut to start an outline. As a student, I find that bulleted outlines are a great way to take notes.

(A shortcut that Apple Notes takes from markdown is that sticking an asterisk in the beginning of the line and hitting space starts a bulleted list - that would also work well!)

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An option that has been there for a long time is Option-Tab in an RTF. Also mentioned in the Note at the end of Help > Documentation > Documents > Plain and Rich Texts > Rich Texts.

Haha that’s funny, in DT2 I’d configured my own shortcut to get bullets instead of dashes, and forgot about this option. (Is there a way to change the default to be bullet points?)

None in DEVONthink. However, here’s a blast from the past that may help…

Have the same conundrum - using lists a lot, and wishing there was a one-click way to go about it.

I followed the recommendation in your blog post but for some reason it doesn’t work. Option-Tab also doesn’t work, but that’s because I have that shortcut assigned for window switching so I’m not sure what to do?

Tips would be appreciated!

Option-tab is a hotkey from macOS’ text engine so you can’t reassign it. I’d suggest changing the window switching hotkey.