Shortcut keys for Sorter Note

I have set a shortcut key combination to call up the Sorter’s note window. Works.

I have found out that I can save the note with CMD-S. Works.

All that’s missing is a shortcut key that puts me into the “tags” field. :question:

Any hints welcome!

This is not yet possible but will be improved by an upcoming release.


I looked around, using forum search a little more, and that made me experimenting. And i found… tataa…

After I’ve written my note, I just have to press CTRL-TAB to get into the tags line!

CMD-S saves from there as well.

Today’s top item on “DevonThink Discovery Channel”… :laughing:

Quite obvious now that I didn’t develop the Sorter, isn’t it? :wink:

Yes, and obvious as well that the person who developed the Sorter didn’t write the help file… :smiley:

But crazy: I fiddled around with this so long time. Finally, I decided to ask - only to find the answer myself shortly after! :unamused:

Reminds me of topics I’ve brought up on Bruji Forum’s eventually becoming candidates for a DVDPedia Discovery Channel. :slight_smile:

I also want to encourage you to improve the behaviour of the sorter notes and to make it the same as the one in DTPro itself.

At the moment, I can jump from the text input field with Ctrl-Tab to the Tags field.
I enter a tag and autocomplete it with Tab and …
… find me back in the text field having to type Ctrl-Tab and then Right Arrow to enter the next Tag …

quite annoying if you want to enter many tags :frowning:

… and I’d also like to have a consistent way to jump to the dropdown menu which lets me change the sorter Inbox where the Note shall go to…
(Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t - I did not yet find out how and why)

In the latest release (2.7), control-tab no longer moves the focus in the sorter to the tags line. Is this intentional, or is it a bug? Is there a new shortcut? I used this all the time.

Thanks in advance

Development will have to look at this but Shift-Tab cycles backwards through them.