Shortcut or Script by which to add mail to DTPO?

I am very pleased to see the addition of “Add to DEVONThink Pro Office” in Apple’s Adding message(s) and Mailbox commands definitely do the “right thing” (including the availability of attachments!!)

Now… has anyone figured out how to incorporate a script or QuickSilver means to create a keyboard shortcut to “add message”? I find myself reaching for the mouse all too often in order to selectively move messages into a DTPO database. I have looked for the script in order to hack it, but don’t find one. (Not that I’m that good at hacking scripts, but this would seem straight forward.) I’ve just started using QuickSilver, and I assume that there’s a way of invoking the appropriate commands within Mail and then using QS … but I haven’t figured that out either.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.