Shortcut to an office document

Am I able to create a shortcut on my Dock to a specific Excel document which is in the DT library?

Can’t test it but this should work:

  • Menu Data > Copy Item Link
  • Menu Data > New > Bookmark
  • Paste the copied Item Link
  • Drag the resulting bookmark to the desktop to export it

I’m not sure how the exported bookmark can be added to the dock, it’s probably necessary to move the bookmark somewhere (where you don’t accidentally delete it), to create an alias, and to move the alias to the dock.

In case you often want to create bookmarks (or aliases) to DEVONthink records take a look at Script: Create bookmark or alias on desktop

In DT, show the document in Finder (Data > Show in Finder)
In Finder, drag the DT file to an empty spot on the Dock

For an alias shortcut on the desktop
in Finder, right click the DT file and select Make Alias
Drag the alias to the desktop

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 15.20.08

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 15.50.35