Shortcut to retrieve record stopped working

Since the latest update a Shortcut I use to retrieve a record by date/name has stopped working.
This was a problem that seemed to have been fixed a few months ago but has returned.
In my case all the record names in this database are formatted yyyymmdd hh:mm and the shortcut looks for the date in the name with an asterisk added at the end.
I just tried doing a search by date name in DTTG and it won’t retrieve the most recent record (today’s record) but it will get records from previous days.

  1. You should be using a name: search prefix if you’re seaching by name.
  2. Have you tried quoting the search string?

The question for me is what has changed in this latest update?
I get the same results with quotes around “20230720” and no difference using name:

More information:
In DDTG it was not finding anything after 20230720, no matter what form the search took (name:, quotes, with/without the * wildcard)
I have been travelling and hadn’t synced (or powered on) DT(3.9.2) on MBP (M2 Max, 13.4.1) since 20230717.
I powered on the MBP and did a sync this morning via Dropbox. Searching in DT works fine but DTTG(3.7.3) on XR (iOS 16.5.1) doesn’t find anything after 20230720.
Quit all apps and cold restarted the MBP. Sync - no change
Force quit DTTG on Xr - restart DTTG - Sync - no change
Force quit DTTG on Xr, shutdown Xr. - restart Xr and DTTG - Sync - search works, even with no name prefix, quotes, or wildcards.

Because I was travelling I know I was on basic data on the 19th and 20th so the most recent update to DTTG wouldn’t have downloaded until at least the 20th. I hope this is helpful.

I know it’s cannon that DTTG and DT are different apps and have different code bases but there is a quirk worth noting regarding the DTTG search bar. On DTTG if there is no space between the colon and the first character of the search term, the search won’t work

As I’ve mentioned recently, there are changes in the next maintenance release affecting search.

I missed that. Good to hear. Thanks

The recent update hasn’t improved on this search issue.

We aren’t seeing any specific issue like you’re referring to, so it must be specific to your device/databases.

On DEVONthink To Go’s databases screen, select ? > Contact Us to start a support ticket.