Shortcuts action issues

Get the items in group action fails on big groups with message “There was a problem communicating with the app”. I experimented with different groups I have and the largest I could get is 190 (I don’t know the minimum it fails on the smallest I tried is >1000).

Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Search in the same action is unintuitive, too. It seem to return 10 results. It doesn’t quite work for groups with the same name in different dbs. For example, when searching Inbox I get 10 inboxes but that’s not all I have and I don’t know. The ones I get are not the first 10 in alphabetical order, a few seem to be skipped. When I try to specify db (e.g. That Specific DB Inbox) it doesn’t show any results. When I add action and first chose the group I (by luck?) get some groups I can’t find otherwise but again only 10 of them and not all at all.

Can someone please clarify search behaviour?

Does it work for groups with fewer items? Shortcuts, like Files, is very prone to failing when memory gets low or when actions take longer. Do you experience also lags when navigating these groups inside the app?

Searching via Shortcuts should, actually, return 100 items. We will add a reference to the parents and/or database of the returned items so it’ll become easier to pick the right one afterwards in the script.

Yes, it seem to work with all groups I tried smaller than 190 items. I tried a few and had no issues with small groups.

Not much, I can’t say it’s too laggy. Big groups open fast in DDTG. Scrolling fast is a little bit laggy. E.g. dragging the scroll indicator results in a jumpy list. The stutter is not too terrible, sub-second. Subjectively, action tails longer to fail than to open group in the app and scroll through all of it. I don’t know if that is helpful.

I can only speak of my experience. I get only 10 results.

How many databases do you have on your device? Maybe … ten?

I’ve got 19. And I suspect Global Inbox should appear in the search results as well. Either way, I’m definitely not getting all the Inboxes because I don’t get the one I’m looking for.

OK, thanks. I’ve opened an issue for this.

We’ve increased the number of search results for disambiguating (a.k.a. selecting) targets to 100, like for search results.