Shortcuts from context menus

I’m an Evernote convert and keyboard junkie. I’d like to replicate the Evernote behaviour of inserting the current date and a checkbox with a keyboard shortcut. Is there a simple way to do that? Thx.

Welcome @yfs

There is Edit > Insert > Date or Time for use in plain/rich text, Markdown, etc.

Also, there is our WordService that has some such options. Check out the sidebar on the right of this page:

Thanks, Bluefrog. I appreciate the swift reply. I am aware of the “right click” options when editing a note and have used WordService even before using DTP3. My question is specifically, if I can assign a keyboard shortcut to those right click options. This would save me some split seconds … Thx

Of course there is…
System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts - Services and App Shortcuts.

Thanks, Bluefrog, I generally understand those features. What I don’t seem to be able to do is to generate a shortcut to insert a checkbox.

Edit > Insert > Checkbox is only available in HTML and formatted notes.