%shortDate% placeholder in filename does not convert to date

Trying to use the template functionality in DT 2.0 Pro Office. Created rich text file with name OneToOne%shortDate% and exprted that as a template. In the template I have within the text ALSO %shortDate%

When I create new from template with the above template I get a “note” with name "OneToOne%shortDate% . Within that note content the placeholder has expanded.

Would have expected also the name to expand to be something like OneToOne01.aug.10

What is the correct way to do this.


Thanks for the bug report! Right now this is only supported by smart templates (.templatescript, .templatescriptd) but the upcoming version 2.0.4 will fix this.

Ok, cool. Hope that this arrives in the next few weeks, will start a new undertaking on 16th where this feature would be extremely useful.