should control-click select text?

When I control-click (or right-click) in the space between two words in a (plain text) window, the text closest to the cursor gets selected. Since I’m trying to use the contextual menu to paste something without replacement, this is a problem. Is it supposted to work that way? If so, is there a way to turn it off?

That’s the default bevaviour of the Mac OS X text engine and works the same way in TextEdit, Mail etc. But the easiest way to paste something is probably to press Cmd-V anyway.

OK - it does work that way in TextEdit - (though not in BBEdit or MailSmith … or AppleWorks, for that matter.) I’m pasting from a multiple-clip clipboard (CopyPaste), so cmd-V doesn’t get the job done. Sigh - just another case of someone trying to make my life easier but making it harder instead.

These are Carbon applications and don’t use the Cocoa text engine. But I’m not sure if modifying the default behaviour of this engine is a good idea as people are probably used to it.