Should Insert: Page Break work?

When I use Insert Page Break it seems to have no effect whatsoever. Any help? Using Devonthink 1.9.7 on Mac OS 10.4.

As there’s no page view yet (another feature to come), there’s no visible effect. But if you open the document in TextEdit for example and use its page view, the break works as expected and is useful for printing.

Thanks for the response. I had tried this, and still see no effect. I don’t see any page view in TextEdit, and when I do a print preview, there’re no breaks there either. Very confusing!

Just use Format > Wrap to Page in TextEdit.

Well, it wraps alright. Now I have page breaks, but TextEdit adds its own massive margins that I can’t find a way to control, and which in turn creates wraps where there were none, no matter how I set the page size.

Seems I have to choose between page breaks and errant line-wrap…

Yes, you can change the margins in TextEdit. Goto the menu Format->Text->Show Ruler, then drag the start and end margin indicators to where you want them to be.

Already tried that. TextEdit will not allow me to drag the ruler margins outside the margins of the box itself, which seems to be un-modifiable.

Normally these margins are determined by the printer description file, and this is discovered by setting the printer in the Page Setup. Have you tried fiddling with that? You may want to set it to your printer explicitly and see if that makes a difference.

Yes…I have done all that, searching and experimenting with every type of adjustment I can find. Seems to make no difference whatsoever, and I can’t spend any more time messing with it all. I give up! :confused:

If you get different results yourself, let me know.

I have also been fighting with the “Insert > Page break” instruction of DTP for a while until I read this topic, dated 2006.

As far as I understand, DTP enables the handling of the line/paragraph or page break (I can see them when I activate “Show invisble characters”) but at time of printing/previewing or saving as PDF the document, DTP does no longer recognize these specific characters and it prints/previews or saves an endless single page.

I got the trick consisting of saving the document as an external RTF file but this is not comfortable at all and it would be nice to have the support of this feature embedded in DTP like it is in Textedit or Scrivener, for examples.

Do you have some (good) news about that point?

Thank you :slight_smile: