Shouldn’t the DEVONthink manual be added more prominently to the DT website?

Every time I’m referring to the DT or DTTG manual, I have to copy/paste from a bookmark, but quite often also find myself searching through the website.

With regard to the latter I was wondering whether the manuals are displayed prominently enough. IMO the links to the manuals page are somewhat tucked away.

What does the community think? Shouldn’t the page with manual be displayed in the menu bar for example?

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The contents of the downloadable manuals are actually identical to the integrated help, only the format is different.


I use both differently:

And I prefer the PDF over the E-book, as the lay-out of the PDF places the information into perspective.

Nevertheless, if people are unaware of the existence of the PDF manual (i.e. unconsciously incompetent), they will never reference it. Hence my proposal to give that webpage a more prominent place on the website.

We already listing them on the Support and Download pages. What would you consider a better place?

Personally I would add a link in the menu bar under support to:

But that’s me. There are downside to a clunky and stuffed menu bar of course.

Thank you. We’ll consider this.

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Here’s my suggestion for some rebranding with what’s really important most prominently displayed… :slight_smile:

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Did you know some say pickled cucumbers enhance creativity? :slight_smile:

Bear with me on this, but I’m beginning to think Jim may be somehow involved with the documentation. :smirk:

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Haha! Given my penchant for a great dill pickle, perhaps there’s a connection! :wink:

Well… maybe :slight_smile:

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