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Hi there,

I am just investigating DevonThink Pro and couldn’t find how to manage a couple of (maybe) simple things:

  • Is there a setting to tell DTP to show all files in a database, when I click on the database in the left side-bar? The only way I found was, to create a smart group.

  • How would I show all folders contained in a database? There seems to be no item for it when creating smart groups.

  • If I click a folder inside a database, the folder contents doesn’t show folders, but only files. Can I set DTP to show ALL files and folders within a folder (like the Finder does)?

Thanks (and just in case: Yes - I tried to find the information in the various forums first - but without luck).


This recent topic may be helpful:

Viewing documents that are at a group top level

Smart group is the way to do it, ‘Kind >is>any document’.

It’s there, ‘Kind>is>Group’.

The Columns view (Command-3) will also give you this capability.

Ah I see, thanks for the hints. I didn’t realize that switching the views also switch ‘view-modes’.

Although creating 2 smart groups for each database seems to be cumbersome AND when chosing ‘Kind’->‘Group’ it also shows the Inbox, Tag-Groups, Sync-Groups, etc… (any hint how to avoid this?)

Here’s also something, which I think is a bug: When I selected a smart group (or any other database item), and then select a database listed in ‘favorites’, the right pane isn’t updated. This is at least very confusing…

You could create a work-around I suppose. One way would be to assign a label to those groups and exclude them from the smart group criteria.

I don’t know if this is a bug or how this works is not fully documented. You have to double-click on a database in the Favorites list to switch to it, or open it if the database is not already open. I’ve always thought how it works is the intended behavior, to avoid opening a closed database with an inadvertent click on a favorite in the Sidebar.

Doesn’t really work. First, I can’t tag the inbox, etc… and second: all ‘Tags’ seem to be ‘Groups’ and shown in the list as well, then… :frowning:

thanks for the hint anyway