Show duplicates

If i have a file selected, how can i see where all the duplicates/replicants are located?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Tools > Show Info > Instances … “Instances” is at the bottom of the Info panel. The number of replicants and duplicates is show. Clicking the button that shows those numbers will reveal a small panel that displays the path to replicants and a list of the duplicates. These are clickable links and can be used to reveal replicants or duplicates in your database.

(All of this is covered in DEVONthink Help, btw.)


I couldn’t find it in the manual, sorry.


  1. clicking on instances, gives me the list of other files, but it doesn’t show where these files are, until i click on the file;
  2. another way to see where duplicants are is to open the “see also & classify” panel, and all the duplicants will be with 100% concordance result… :slight_smile:

Alternatively: If you have many duplicates, you could create a smart group showing duplicates (“Instance” is “duplicate”) to see them all listed and easily compare/check them (by title, by size).

True … that topic’s not easy to find … no one reads manuals anyway – tl;dr :laughing:

That’s a very interesting tip. Thanks.

Agreed, korm. Nice catch, raf. This may be a happy accident but it’s definitely useful. :smiley:

I like that tip about using See Also to get a list of duplicates with highest ranking in the list. Haven’t tried it, but sounds like it would work.

An easy way to collect that list for inspection would then be to open those See Also suggestions as new tabs.

This is a tip that keeps on giving … another use is locating replicants that DEVONthink doesn’t consider a replicant. If a group is replicated to another group, DEVONthink does not consider the child documents of that group as replicants – though they are, because replication is inherited. @raf’s tip makes those other instances obvious.