Show e-Mail-address instead of name in the header of an e-Mail

Hello all,

I am looking for a way to display the email address of the sender or recipient in the detail view instead of the name of the email sender or recipient. Background is that I would like to have the possibility to copy this e-mail address to the clipboard.

I have not found anything in the manual or in the forum. Does anyone have an idea?

What detail view are you referring to?

I guess, it is called “Preview”. Where you can switch between “Best Alternative” and “Text Alternative”. In “Best Alternative” the e-Mail address is shows additionally to the name, but you can not right-click and copy the address. In “Text Alternative” you can right-click the Name and copy it, but you do not get the e-Mail address only, but the mail-to-hyperlink.

One more sentence about the background: I archive all my emails in Devonthink and delete them from the various mail clients. But if I need a quick e-mail address from a company that is not stored in my address book, I don’t have quick access to the e-mail addresses. If I could copy them quickly from Devonthink, that would be a nice help.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but what you request is exactly what e-mail clients are made for.