Show/Hide ctrl+opt+cmd+t shortcut not working

Hi, on My two macs the Show/Hide ctrl+opt+cmd+t shortcut is not working. I can toggle if goto menu directly but not by shortcut. I checked Keyboard Maestro and KeyCue for possible conflicts but didn’t find any. Curious is the shortcut is working for others.

I have this as well.

Same here.
In short term, the issue can be resolved by setting up keyboard shortcuts in macOS preference. Using the same shortcut for both “Show Tags” and “Hide Tags” will allow the toggling of status.

MacOS 10.14.6

Control-Option-Command-T shows and hides the Tags bar as expected here.

This is not supported in case of View > Preview > None.

Just FYI: the short cut doesn’t work in other views that normally should work. I tried rebooting the system but issue remains. Currently I am happy to deal with the issue by assigning a different keyboard shortcut (cmd-opt-t) via the sys preference for the toggling, but it’s likely a minor bug in the final version under certain setup. Also tried disabling some of the usual suspects such as BTT but doesn’t help. Will keep an eye on it…

A screenshot of a view that doesn’t work but should would be great, thanks.