Show/hide sidebar shortcut in pb2

The shortcut for show/hide sidebar in public beta 2 (ie, ctrl-opt-cmd-D) doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas, or should I report it as a bug?

It works here.

Does the menu bar selection (View > Show/Hide Sidebar) work for you. If so, have you perhaps assigned the Control-Option-Command-D keystroke to another action?

The shortcut seems to have changed between versions. I was using Cmd-Shift-D in beta 1. Although I see that you were always using the current shortcut, so now I’m doubting my sanity :wink:

Don’t doubt your sanity. The keyboard shortcut was changed in pb2, in response to several user requests. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. Bill’s point (“have I reassigned it”) is an excellent one, which hadn’t occurred to me! But no I haven’t…
At any rate, it now works. Maybe dirt in my keyboard :slight_smile:. Anyhow, it works now.

Thanks for the reassurance!