Show in Finder & Date Modified not working?!

I have the following 2 problems with my primary DTPO database:

  1. Date Modified is not updating. With some files in the DB the date modified does work, but with many it does not. I cannot see any significant difference between the ones where it does and where it does not work. Here’s a description of the primary instances were date modified does not update. They are .pdf files, stored in my Documents folder and indexed in DT (they are not stored in DT itself). I’ve accessed them through DTPO, via “Open With…” > (pdf reader). After modifications in, I save and close the files, then return to DT and sort files by “Date Modified.” The recently modified file should be at the top of the list, but it is not. So I sort by “Name” (still in DT), locate the file and check its Date Modified, which has not updated at all (the date shown is over a year ago). Maybe the modifications weren’t saved by the external app? Again I right click the file in DT, “Open with…” > The modifications are there.

  2. Does the date modified shown in DT correspond to the date modified shown in Finder? I locate the file again in DT, right click > “Show in Finder…” but this command does not execute at all: I remain in DT and am not taken to Finder.

Fortunately, since these files are not stored in DT they are easy to locate in Finder itself. So in Finder, I go to the folder where they are stored, sort by Date Modified, and the relevant files are, indeed, at the top, with the Date Modified updated accurately. So, the date modified listed in DT does not match the date modified in Finder. This would make sense to me if I had accessed the files directly from Finder and modified them. But I know not to do that—I have, indeed, opened the files from within DT > Open with…

In short:

  1. Date Modified in DT is not updating indexed files opened from within DTPO and edited with an external app, but Date Modified does update in Finder, and

  2. DT contextual menu command “Show in Finder…” is not working.

I have run Tools > Verify & Repair successfully, with no errors.


DTPO 2.4.3
OS X 10.8.2

You need to update the indexed items. File > Update Indexed Items.

However, I cannot reproduce the Show in Finder error.