Show in Finder … not working (anymore)

Asking Devonthink to show a file in Finder does not word anymore on my end … How to go about it to fix this?

AND NO: This did not help – maybe because there’s no “update indexed items” in the File-Menu option to begin with … @BLUEFROG

  • Is the problem with an indexed file?
    • If so, from where?

both non-indexed as well as indexed files @BLUEFROG

Does the Log give any clues? Probably should.

Did you verify the database, does a reboot fix this? Maybe it’s a Finder or system glitch.

@rmschne nothing in the Logfile

@cgrunenberg the same result aber verifying database and rebooting the computer

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

I did.

Eagerly awaiting word.

Thank you @BLUEFROG