Show in Finder for default app, not just Apple's Finder


I use Path Finder and when it is set to be used as a the default file explorer, other apps open this app instead of Apple’s Finder. Not DevonThink. Would it be possible to make “Show in Finder” work with the finder set as default, instead of Apple’s Finder?

What version of Path Finder and OS X are you using? Here on Yosemite and Path Finder 7, selecting ‘Show in Finder’ from DEVONthink does reveal the document in Path Finder. There is one glitch in this procedure in that PDFs are opened in Preview instead, which I believe is a Path Finder issue.

Same here.

Not here.

DtPO 2.8.1, PF 7.0.7, but I think it was not different with earlier versions, no matter if it is for ‘PDF’ or 'PDF + Text’ and no matter what application is set as the default app for opening PDF files.

I’ve looked for a setting, something in Path Finder that causes this for me with PDFs, but I haven’t found it yet. I can select ‘Show in Finder’ from DEVONthink, then Path Finder is activated, then the PDF is opened in Preview (my default PDF app). It’s clearly not an issue with DEVONthink.

Greg, Preview is also set here as the default PDF reader.

I also looked for a setting, but nothing seemed obvious. Then I deleted

~/Library/Application Support/Path Finder/Settings

and started Path Finder again: No change.

I think the setting to use Path Finder as default worked after restarting the computer. In any case, it is solved now.

As for opening files in Preview sometimes, it must be a Path Finder bug because it does happen from Sente as well, not just from DevonThink.