Show keyboard shortcuts in tooltips

When I want to change between Inspector views, it would be much quicker to do so using the keyboard. If I’ve forgotten a particular shortcut, I’d like to be able to see what it is by mousing over the button and reading it from the tooltip, rather than having to search through the menus until I find it (especially confusing since it’s under Tools rather than View, where I’d expect it to be :⁣)

So, rather than a tooltip showing See Also & Classify, it would show See Also & Classify (⌃S). Maybe then I’ll stop trying to bring it up with ⌃C…

Obviously, this should apply to all tooltips with a keyboard shortcut, not just the Inspector views.


Thank you for the suggestion, we might consider this for future releases. Menu shortcuts are also customizable via System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts, by the way.

Plus 1 from me for this.

In any shortcut heavy software, this suggested UI is the best way I’ve seen to get people to learn shortcuts and get faster and more comfortable in any software.
When I teach AVID/Premiere/FCPX editing, I tell students to use the menu via mouse at first to learn WHAT you want to do and then when you’ve learnt HOW to do the same certain things over and over again, use the menu to look up the shortcut so can learn HOW FAST you can do things once you let go of the mouse.
Look it up but don’t select it. Do the keystroke. Repeat until you don’t need to look it up.

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In the meantime, you might want to take a look at Keycue.

When Keycue is enabled, it shows an overlay of all available shortcuts for the current application. It’s possible to fuzzy search specific functionalities as well, and known shortcuts can be ommitted from the overlay.

Thanks, but DT3 is the only app that I need this for, and €20 + VAT is rather more than I’d want to pay in those circumstances…

Thanks — I’ve given CheatSheet a quick try, but I don’t really want a massive window appearing every time I hold ⌘ down, especially since it doesn’t look like it be configured to only trigger when DT3 is active, or at least to ignore those apps which require ⌘ to be held down as part of their normal use :smile:

I recognise it’s a fix that works right now, but I don’t think it should replace DT3 listing the shortcuts in the tooltips.