show subfolders in three pane view

i would expect/like to see subfolders in three pane view along with files (the same way like in column view in finder). thanks.

Try View > as Columns. That’s like the Finder column view and will let you move deeply into nested groups, like the Finder column view. To view a document, double-click on the name to open it in its own window. Just like opening a file in the Finder.

I could not possibly be more horrified, even if you murdered a truckload of baby chipmunks in front of me, one by one.

The option? Possibly… but I’d hate to see folders there.

at least the option. seeing the folders in there would make it much clearer for me – i like this type of view as i can clearly see other information associated with the items (comments, type, etc.). however i can easily forget that i actually have content in some folders (that have subfolders). only solution is to display number of items for each folder, but then my folder structure is really cluttered with number (and would not it be better not to show ‘(0)’ when there’s nothing in the folder?).