Showing indexed items in Links/Incoming Links inspector via URL reference


I wanted to ask if there’s any way to accomplish the following:

As a starting point, in the body of Markdown note A, an external link is added (e.g. application://xyz123ID). This link refers to Markdown note B indexed from the third-party application’s folder (non-DT link scheme).

Is there any way to show this relation in the links of Markdown note A and the incoming links of Markdown note B?

I was hoping that by adding the external URL referenced in Markdown note A to Markdown note B’s URL or aliases, this would happen automatically. But it doesn’t seem to be the case unless I’m overlooking something.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and tips.

While Development would have to consider the feasibility, a URL scheme is not a DEVONthink item link. So no, this won’t work.

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However, wouldn’t it make sense that items containing a link to the URL of another DevonThink item are also included in the Links inspector? I’d like to request this as a feature.

Hmm… maybe I spoke to soon in part.

I added a dummy URL scheme as a Link annotation and it indeed shows in the Links inspector.

However, no this does not point to another file with this as it’s URL as it’s not an item link.

Thanks for looking into this further @BLUEFROG.

Yes, that’s also what I noticed: If a non-Devonthink URL is added, then it does show in the Links inspector.

Thinking this one step further, perhaps if the same external link has also been added as the URL of a second DevonThink database item B, then that database item could also show in the Links inspector of database item A.

This would also imply that database item A, from which the external link points to the URL of database item B, would show in item B’s incoming links.