Showing label colors in contextual menus

I organize my projects in separate dtbases sorting groups by label, where label is yellow for inbox (collection containers), green for active, orange for pending, red for Inactive, blue for Reference (cold storage), etc etc.

Sometimes I have groups with the same name but different label. Such as XYZ (green/active, containing documents I’m currently working) and then XYZ as a reference labeled group.

It would be nice when replicating information between reference and the active project for me to be able to know WHICH XYZ I am selecting to replicate to. Since the contextual menu knows nothing of labels (assumption since there is complete absence of color on all replication targets) I have no way of discerning where my information is going unless I rename the reference group to something inane like XYZ Reference – which is not the ideal solution as I am having to add redundancy as a workaround.

If you can’t distinguish between groups with the same name by their placement in the organization, I can’t come up with a suggestion.

I create a new group for each of my projects, and those groups may have subgroups with the same name as subgroups in other project groups. But I can look at the project group name as the key.

Since I’m sorting by label and contextual menus are alphabetized then you are correct, I cannot distinguish which group is which.

I could do the parent groups called “Projects” and “Reference”, but as you can see from my original post, this is no different then having no parent group and calling my groups “XYZ” and “XYZ Research” really. Whether I’m pinpointing the right folder based on name convention or hierarchy is just an implementation detail, but the reality is if it’s unnecessary (due to label distinction) it’s a redundant workaround.

Of course if labels in contextual menu have technical drawbacks, I can clearly accept that answer and would definitely retract my request. I am working around it currently though. Thanks for your timely input Bill – I’m just picky :slight_smile: