Showing tag hierarchy in inspector, rather than alphabetical order


I’m using nested tags with several levels of hierarchy to assign collected resources and insights to a topic category at increasing degrees of specificity.

Currently, there is only the option to display tags in alphabetical order in the inspector and tab bar at the bottom, as far as I’m aware. This brings some limitations with it in my view:

For example, even if only three tags at level 4 of the tag hierarchy are added to an item, then this item has 12 tags. The alphabetical order in which these are displayed makes it difficult to identify the 4 tags that were actually added, as well as “reading” them in the context of their parent tags. This is also problematic when removing a tag, since it’s necessary to also remove the parent tags to avoid them remaining assigned to the item

Of course, it would be possible to add a prefix such as 1 and then 1.1, 1.1.2 etc. to mark different levels of hierarchy. But this brings its own limitations and maintenance requirements, e.g. it would be necessary to add aliases for all tags in order for them to be recognized in wiki links.

Feature request: Please consider adding the option of displaying tags in their hierarchical order in the bottom tab bar and in the inspector. Alternatively, I would be happy to learn about my ignorance regarding any workarounds or hidden features that could be used to address this. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases.

Sounds good, thank you @cgrunenberg