Side by Side Windows

I have a suggestion, put in a command to set up side by side windows in DTPO.

I am still organizing everything and I have to see two windows side by side, some of the time.

I have a small app called XtraFinder that does this job for finder windows. It would be nice if we could do this in DTPO as well.

As it is I can do it by option clicking a folder then dragging that new window to one side, fiddling with window size, adjusting columns, hiding panes, etc. All in all it’s not terribly complicated to figure out but it’s a part of my workflow now so from time to time I have to readjust my windows to this view.

And yes, I can also figure this out as a kludge using Keyboard Maestro although probably not remembering the hiding of a column.

Thanks for listening.

Get a copy of Moom.

I tried a reply on private messanging but reply messages were not allowed(?)

Thanks for suggesting Moom. I was thinking that with as much applescripting as seems to be in DTPO that somebody might have an answer about not just resizing the windows but also adjusting the column width (remembering DTPO colomn and layouts then expanding or restoring).

You reminded me that I can quickly drag the windows using Cinch, but I still need to adjust the column widths, etc. Not really that big of an issue but as I was saying, perhaps this is something that others have found scritable? As always I appreciate the response - even advise. I can always learn more. :open_mouth:

Column settings are not scriptable AFAIK.

One take away form this thread for me is the understanding of how much I needed a window manager. Irradiated Software, makers of Cinch sent me some secret settings scripts that allowed me to adjust the margins between my windows that I drag to pop side by side. It also allowed me to kill the window shadow effect. Now I have a much nicer visual effect and I can even have windows in quarters of my screen.

This wont adjust the columns in DTPO but now I realize how important working screen real estate is to my workflow and that there are simple solutions to this out there.

Thanks again