Side Sorter Question

Hello All,

Here’s a scenario I’ve encountered over the few years I’ve used DTPO:

  1. DTPO is closed
  2. I copy a paragraph and then click on the side sorter (default RTF)
  3. I click on the “New Note” icon, and paste the selected paragraph
  4. The text I have needs to go into two different databases, since the info applies to both and usually I do not have both open. If I click “Save” it will go into one DB but
    (as a concrete example: my default DB is Latin American History, and this paragraph should go there. However, it also applies to another DB called US History).
  5. What I can’t seem to figure out is the following: is it possible to have the drop down menu allow me to select more than one DB at a time, so the piece of info, once I open DTPO will go into both DBs?

I just want to confirm that I have not neglected to click a box in “Preferences.”

Thanks for your reply; much appreciated.

No, this is not possible. Only one destination can be selected in the Sorter / Take Note.

OK, thanks.