Sierra or not?

Hi. Newbie here. Apologies that my first post is an old question (but it seems to be one which has an ever evolving answer).

SITUATION: I’m on El Capitan. I use a Scansnap iX500 with DTPO every day. Everything works fine. I absolutely love DTPO. For me it’s a mission critical asset. I’m very scared about anything happening to my hundreds of legacy pdfs.

QUESTION(S): Am I right in thinking that Sierra is still a bit flaky when it comes to pdfs? (e.g. recent fiasco over fuzzy web clipping etc). And am I right in thinking there’s still no compelling benefit to moving off El Capitan at present?

Any words of wisdom (including the future outlook) welcome. Many thanks in advance. :confused:

The issues comcerning damage to PDFs is long over. However, PDFKit still has some visual flaws we’ve been able to work around. Apple’s QA really dropped the ball on this one. However, Sierra doesn’t really offer anything I’d say is compelling enough to upgrade with High Sierra in the driveway. I can’t but I’d hold off if I could.


That’s why we strongly advocate proper primary backups using TimeMachine (or similar application) and external drives.

Yes - completely agreed. That’s why I run daily redundant Carbon Copy Cloner backups with multi-generation weekly air gap backups. But I still scare easily :smiley:

Thank Jim. That’s just the sort of reassurance/guidance I was looking for. It’s sounds like the best plan is “if it ain’t broke … don’t fix it”. Let’s hope Apple do a better job with High Sierra.

We are hopeful too. Cheers!