Sierra problem: Red Layer on PDFs

I’m having a big problem here. After Sierra update I’m getting a strong transparent red box on the page text of many PDFs, not on the white margins though. Sometimes when I mouse scroll the text up and down it disappears, other times it does not. Apple is dropping the ball on us with Sierra.

Amen to that. :imp: :frowning:

Could you post a screencap or screencast of what you’re seeing? Thanks!

Sure, here it is

Have you done any annotation on this PDF, or is this as-is from your source?
Any chance you could provide a URL to the source so we can grab a copy to test?

There’s a cap on the size of attachments here, so I’m not being able to send it. The reason of the problem being is that Sierra does not handle well annotated PDFs.

Does the PDF look the same in Preview?

In Preview and Skim the file looks good. So I think the problem is with DT in Sierra.

Could you please send a copy of the document to cgrunenberg - at - If it’s too large for email, then you could upload it to Dropbox and send me a download link. Thanks in advance!

Just did, thanks for looking into it