Significant problems after DTTG update with 3.6.2!?

Unfortunately, I’m always around the turn of the year somehow the worm in it and some update runs very rough, maybe I have a bad karma at this time of year ;-).

This time DTTG update from 21.12.22 I think DTTG 3.6.2 on my iPhone Pro Max. No matter what I set, since the update not a single sync attempt goes through (CloudKit) and worked fine before. Foreground manual or automatic, standby off, no matter if via 5G LTE or WLAN (very fast connection), with inputs and or tags merged or separated. Databases were fresh from Mac checked, repaired, integrity checked synced. At different times DTTG says goodbye without a message without anything. My tags are gone, so no longer synced. Files can no longer be moved. Changes of the file name “forgets” DTTG and also database settings whether all or no documents of a database are to be loaded, disappeared after the input, if the program remains so long stably open.

I had noticed before only since iOS16 now and then that a change of the file name (about information) in the first attempt times was not taken over or I had to start a Sync (I do almost always in manual mode) several times, but otherwise it ran quite well, even under iOS16.2.

Yes sure - reset everything and reload - probably always works, but isn’t there perhaps a slightly less elaborate method?

Many greetings and I hope everyone had a reasonably nice Christmas.

(Translated with DeepL from German)

Apple’s CloudKit appears to be unreliable in recent weeks and months. See other posts here for suggestions.

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As @rmschne has commented, Apple’s CloudKit has had significant downtime and poor service the last couple of weeks, reported elsewhere on the web. I’ve also been hit by problems so I sympathise.

I will probably wait it out myself, but if you cannot it might be worth reading up on other sync options. CloudKit has been an unreliable service for many years (on the whole I’ve not personally had much trouble with it, but there are many complaints online!), so it doesn’t seem like a problem Apple will be fixing any time soon.


In addition to the outstanding DEVONthink Manual, see

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