Silly error – need some help: DB location

Hello all,

Need some advice before doing something stooopid. :slight_smile:

Been splitting my DBs.

The first time, I duplicated the main one, renamed it, opened it, and then pruned out all the irrelevant files to leave me with what I wanted.

All good.

With the 2nd split, I opted to create a new DB inside DTPO, and then “moved” the relevant folders over to the NEW DB.

This also worked as expected.

Now for the problem. Not sure how/what I was doing, presumably the earlier DB (the 1st one I split) was selected at the time, but it somehow appears as if the newest (2nd split) DB has been created INSIDE the earlier (1st split) DB.

As in, when I look under DB properties, and follow the breadcrumb trail, it’s sitting inside the NoIndex/PDFs/06 folder…

I’d obviously prefer to have it along with my other DBs, higher up at (more) root level.

How do I move the (newest) DB? If I simply cut/paste the entire DB file into a new location, with it closed obviously, it should be fine to open again?
That’s what I’m thinking – but as mentioned, I want to be sure before doing anything that might cause a library error.


I wouldn’t rely on dialog and opinion from us readers on the forum. You need direct help from DEVONtechnologies experts and should open a ticket with Support.

Yes, please open a Ticket so we can get this straightened out. Thanks.

Thanks! Will do.